When Life as We Know It Changes...

When life as we know it changes, whether unexpectedly or in anticipation of the change, how do we accept it and move forward? 

In my office is my reminder that amidst storms and darkness, both of which to some degree come with change, "my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness" (Hillsong United lyrics). He is my cornerstone. 

Jesus never promised to eliminate all of the chaos from our lives; He said He’d bring meaning to it.
— Bob Goff

We can miss catching that meaning if we are dwelling on the storm or the darkness. What I have found helpful for me to move forward through change are 3 things: noticing goodness, celebrating, and resting. MOPS International's 2015 theme for mothers of preschoolers around the world focuses on these 3 theme tenets from which we could all benefit. First, we need to use our eyes to see the good things all around us--little or big-- and our words to express our thankfulness. Second and third, we need to take time to celebrate and rest. It is entirely possible to be resting while you celebrate because "Rest is participating in things that are rejuvenating" (Mandy Arioto, MOPS International).

What rejuvenates your soul?

Who rejuvenates your soul?

How can you celebrate the small or huge victories in your day to day life?

Who needs you to celebrate with them?

What do you need to let go of in order to notice, rest, and celebrate? (Productivity, shame, guilt, pride?)

Back to the cornerstone--which is why I have a visual reminder to keep me focused. What or who is your cornerstone that keeps you together, that serves a greater purpose, upon which you depend? You trust your life upon this foundation. It is the heart and core of you. It is the basis for your existence and well being. It is the "middle point from which anything rotates or revolves" (dictionary.com). So when life as you know it changes or when things seem to be spinning out of control, trust your foundation, notice goodness, rest, and celebrate.