It's More Than A Grand Opening...

Why a grand opening?

With each visitor, whether a parent, a community professional, a friend, a neighbor, an educator, a potential client, or a potential therapist, we want to share our...






You probably know of or will know of a child or a family who is going through a tough circumstance or has concerns with a child's behavior, development, or emotions. It is so comforting to have first hand knowledge of a trusted community resource.

We are EXCITED about a one of a kind therapy practice that focuses on childhood mental health and parent/child relationships. We are EXCITED for you to view our one of a kind Play Therapy playrooms, extra therapy rooms, and observation rooms. Kelly Martin, Owner and Licensed Professional Counselor, will be available to share about our current counseling services.

We AIM to help meet the emotional, behavioral, mental health, and developmental needs of children and adolescents.

We HOPE to collaborate with other contract therapists to provide speech, occupational, music, or art therapy.

Share our grand opening date with someone who may be interested. We look forward to opening our doors for you.

Join us August 21 at 11:00am for the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. We will remain open for visitors to tour our building on the 21st from 11:00am-1:00pm.