The Resolution to No Resolution

When we are always BECOMING we have no room to BE.
— Glennon Doyle Melton

Just Be: with all of your God-given gifts, quirks, flaws, qualities, and looks, just be. When we are present with those around us we give our attention to one thing or person at a time. We embrace the goodness of a situation or person. We see beauty and life. When we are present we give hope and love for another to receive.

It's not logical. It's perhaps ironic to have a resolution to no resolutions. When we are always striving for perfection, to meet a worldly standard, or to attain the next level, we miss out on recognizing the goodness and beauty in our present.

Sure we want to become a better person or better at what we perceive defines us. When we learn to integrate our ideal self with our true self, to just BE, we open our selves up to possibilities of love, hope, and life. And that's the BECOMING to attain. Not a better this or better that, but a genuine and congruent or balanced individual.

It this permission to be lazy or selfish?

When we focus inward, we ask our selves Who am I? What is my purpose? Allowing yourself the freedom to be present will shine light on the answers to these questions. Accepting and allowing yourself to BE provides clarity and fuel to move forward. Focusing inward prepares us to pour our best outward.

What if I'm an extraordinary multi-tasker?

Multitasking can be very efficient and can accomplish many goals at once.  When you practice Just Being, your task is the present. When we multitask during moments meant for connecting with others, our connection can actually be misinterpreted and can send an entirely different message: I value you only as much as I fully attend to you. In moments of connecting with others, Just BE WITH.

But what if I need a checklist? What's so bad with making goals?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with checklists or goals. We want to ground our goals, rooted to our core beliefs. Life situations and emotions sometimes blur, twist, or alter our core beliefs. We behave in ways and make choices that reflect our core beliefs. To JUST BE helps us to reexamine our core beliefs, while taking in the present, and to regulate our emotions so that we may offer the best part of ourselves to others. Then we're ready to tackle some goals. But for now, the resolution is to have no resolution and just try being.